Around her everything floats and nothing is as clear as her grace.

Whether she is in a sophisticated environment or in the simplicity of nature, she holds in her hand the same magic stick and the ideal passport.

Everything she expresses, carries us and holds us at the same time. She reassures us by her confidence and touches us by her care.

Attached to her native rituals, a Mayshad Woman is just as inspired by other cultures, adventurous of good tastes, and curious to adapt new trends to her timeless lifestyle.

In the course of their intuitive choices and their sensitivity, Mayshad Women can modify the spirit and destiny of those they encounter.

The discreet combination of accomplishment and simplicity, in the relationship between them and what they touch, creates a poetic note and spreads a charisma of which we recognize the everlasting mystery.

Text edited by Nezha Alaoui, 
Inspired by Louise de Vilmorin’s  writings.  
“Defence of Elegance”, book title; “Objets et Chimère”.